Past Projects

Past Projects

We work with partners within the UofT community (e.g. internal divisions, departments, and student organizations) who are looking to assess and/or re-design some element of how they support students. This could be a program, service, resource, or space. Because of the diversity and complexity of this work, we draw from a variety of methodologies to conduct our research. Our past projects have included:

Centre for International Experience: Global Experience

We partnered with the Centre for International Experience to seek out the voices of students who have had global experiences, whether they were international students arriving at the university, domestic students going abroad, or students from small towns moving to Toronto. The goal of our research was to gain insights from the students’ narratives about global experiences at UofT to inform future decision-making and programming at the CIE.

St. Michael’s College: Integration Experiences for International Students

In September 2017, international students constituted a quarter of the incoming class at St. Michael’s College. How might St. Michael’s best accommodate these students, support their transition to a Canadian university, and help them feel at home at UofT? We interviewed students to find out, and help us design solutions that St. Michael’s can implement to welcome its international students.

Academic & Campus Events: Transforming the Instructional Landscape

How might we redesign learning spaces to better serve a wide range of students? How does the physical instructional landscape enhance or detract from student learning? We explored these questions and suggested design improvements by engaging with students through a variety of media, including student-guided tours of learning spaces, interviews, post-it note sessions, social media surveys, and direct observation of how students and instructors use learning spaces.

Student Life Professionals: ReDesign SLP

Student Life Professionals (SLP) shape and enhance the student experience. How might we best support SLP so they can support students?  The Innovation Hub collaborated with SLP to provide the foundation for re-designing the community of practice in order to better support the needs of its members.