Current Projects

Current Projects

We work with partners within the UofT community (e.g. internal divisions, departments, and student organizations) who are looking to assess and/or re-design some element of how they support students. This could be a program, service, resource, or space. Because of the diversity and complexity of this work, we draw from a variety of methodologies to conduct our research. Our current projects include: 

Trademark & Licensing: What’s in a Name?

What makes the University of Toronto unique? What makes a student at UofT a UofT student? We are partnering with Trademark & Licensing and Sovereign State to delve into the thoughts, feelings, and investments that students have surrounding the university, and their experiences as learners and community members. The project is part of a larger initiative to develop merchandise rooted in student stories that is representative of the diversity of UofT experiences.

Career Exploration & Education: Designing with Students

We are teaming up with UofT’s Career Exploration and Education team to explore the many meaningful ways in which students could be engaged in designing and delivering the department’s programs, events, and resources. We are a drawing from interviews from staff and student colleagues to develop insights that can inform the department’s goal of not simply designing for students, but with them.

Indigenous Student Services: First Nations House

First Nations House provides a culturally relevant service to Indigenous students in support of academic success, personal growth, and leadership development. We are partnering with Indigenous Student Services to explore the question: How do students connect and engage with First Nations House? The information we gather and insights we generate will be used to support future programming decisions and ideas for physical enhancements of the space.

Food Services: New College Dining Hall

The New College Dining Hall, also known as the Audrey Taylor Dining Hall, is one of the busiest dining halls at UofT. We are teaming up with the University of Toronto Food Services to explore how this dining hall can be redesigned to offer students and staff an innovative multi-use community space for eating and socializing. We will be engaging with students through a variety of methods (including interviews, social media surveys, and direct observations) and using this information to suggest design improvements.