Welcome to the Innovation Hub!

Who are our students, and how is the world changing for them?

These are the questions that underlie our work. Situated within the University of Toronto’s Division of Student Life, the Innovation Hub is an institution-wide initiative that partners with internal divisions, departments, and student organizations to conduct empathy-based research that deepens our understanding of the student experience, so that we can design with students rather than for students.

What Do We Do?

Innovation is at the core of our work because we recognize that existing processes and systems no longer serve the student population in the way they did ten years ago. Using design thinking and ethnographic methods, we focus on generating insights for our partners that become the building blocks for innovative student-centered solutions to challenging, often systemic problems. Our Five Domains of Innovation  give scope to the development of innovative strategies for improving the student experience on campus.  Our process is led and carried out by an interdisciplinary team of student staff and volunteers, with support from staff and faculty across the university.


The Innovation Process

1)   Collaborate:  We create partnerships across campus that  define our research questions.

2)   Empathize:  We use human-centred design and ethnographic research methods to understand the needs, goals, obstacles and context for our diverse student body.

3)   Define: We analyze the data for recurring insights and patterns to clarify student needs and inform the definition of the problem(s).

4)   Ideate: We ideate innovative solutions to our partner’s challenges and provide a comprehensive report of our research and findings.

5)   Prototype and Test: We enable low-fi prototypes of design solutions to be user-tested in collaboration with our partners.


Get Involved

The Innovation Hub is always looking for members of the UofT community to collaborate with. We offer a range of opportunities with varying levels of involvement: